Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Newsletter September 2021 Issue 21

"To Travel is to Live." - Hans Christian Andersen

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Newsletter September 2021 Issue 21

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Newsletter September 2021 Issue 21

MinistryofTourismandAntiquities Newsletter



Ministerial Decree Regulating Optional Trips for Tourists

The Minister issued a ministerial decree regulating optional trips for solo travelers as well as tourists traveling with travel agencies. It will be effective from 1 November, 2021.

It includes creating a clear and strict mechanism that regulates and organizes optional trips to ensure tourists’ safety as well as the rights of travel agencies..


Egypt Removed from UK’s COVID- 19 “Red List”

On September 17, United Kingdom announced that Egypt is no longer on its COVID- 19 Red List, effective October 4th. in that respect, the CEO of Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board met with the Egyptian Tourism Federation along with a number of Egyptian tour operators working in the British market to discuss means of promoting Egypt’s tourism there.


Launching an SMS Service for Tourists for the First Time

The Ministry aunched a new mobile SMS service for tourists that sends a welcoming text message to tourists and informs them with the Ministry’s hotline (19654). The multi- language hotline receives tourists’ inquires and complaints. it also includes emergency, police and ambulance phone numbers.

Alexandria Port Receives Tourists

With the return of tourism through the port of Alexandria, the Egyptian tourism office in Alexandria, greeted Tourists

arriving on a number of cruise ships. The tourists visited the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria.


Opening and Visits

Opening the Southern Tomb in Saqqara

On September 13, the minister inaugurated the restoration project of the southern tomb of King Djoser in Saqqara which started in 2006. During his visit, the Minister met a number of tourists from Germany, Brazil, Russia, United States of America, Spain, Caribbean Island, Poland and Portugal. The opening of the southern tomb grabbed worldwide attention and made international headlines in major newspapers and international news agencies.


Following up on the Restoration of Mohammad Ali Mosque and the Visitors Services in Salah El-Din Citadel

On 16 September, the Minister visited Salah El-Din Citadel, to follow up on the progress of work in the restoration and maintenance of Mohammad Ali Mosque, the clock, the courtyard, the panorama square and the royal pergola in front of the Jewel Palace. He also followed up on the progress of work in upgrading visitors services at the citadel.




A Collection of Religious Ritual Tools Unearth at the Temple of the Pharaohs

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed a collection of ancient tools that were used in religious rituals at the Temple of the Pharaohs (Boto) in Kafr El-Sheikh

governorate north of Cairo. The new discovery comes as part of an archaeological excavations plan carried out by the Supreme Council of Antiquities at different sites.This find is important because it includes the tools that were actually used in performing the daily religious rituals for goddess Hathor. The instruments include a part of a limestone pillar in the form of goddess Hathor, and a group of incense burners made of faience, one


Eliahu Hanavi Synagogue Renovation Project Wins ENR International Award

The renovation project of Eliahu Hanavi Synagogue in


Alexandria, won the award for the best international project in the category of restoration and rehabilitation projects at the 9th edition of the Engineering News- Record (ENR) Global Competition for the best construction projects, this September. The synagogue was opened to the public, after renovation, in January 2020 and the project was executed by the engineering authority of the Armed Forces, and Arab Contractors corporation. The renovation project of the synagogue


was among four Egyptian projects that won the Global Best Projects Juried Competition for the year 2021, with the participation of 21 countries in 18 different fields in the construction and building industry .


Digital Transformation

Smart Eleclectronic Gate Installed and Operating in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

On September 27, E-ticketing machines started operation in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, making it the second site to use smart electronic gates after the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. This is part of a project for that includes 30 archaeological sites and museums.


These machines are part of an integrated electronic system for issuing e-tickets with a QR code that are used only and are read by the smart gates, while visitors walk through


The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Delegations and Officials from All Over the World Visit NMEC

During the month of September, the museum received a number of officials and delegations from all over the world; including : the Minister of immigration of the Netherlands, UN Assistant Secretary General, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Regional Director of the Arab States, the General Director of ICESCO, the General Secretary of the Egyptian National Committee for Education, Science and Culture, and high- level delegations from Jordan and Gabon and Hungary.

In another context, NMEC continued its summer school activities and training programs for students and

graduates of the faculties of Archaeology in September and will continue until the first week of October.