Ramses Lounge

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Ramses Lounge

Ramses Lounge

We have received notice from the Watania Sleeping Train Management that from the 1st of July 2019, the “Ramses Lounge “will be in service at the Ramses Central Train Station.

All passengers on VIP trains and Sleeping trains, heading to the North and to the South of Egypt, whether Egyptian or foreigners, will have access to the lounge.

The Watania Sleeping Trains Management Company will provide a free drink to each passenger and it will offer a 10% discount on the selling price of all foods and drinks offered in the lounge.

From the 1/7/2019, tourists of all nationalities, will be able to ride the Sleeping train from Ramses Central Station. There will be a private entrance through a check-in gate outside the lounge and passengers will easily enter or exit the station through the lounge.

In the lounge will be available:

  • Air conditioning
  •  Free WI FI
  • Several electronic screens to display international news channels and football matches -
  • Indoor microphones and screens to notify passengers about trains departures and arrivals and track numbers.
  • Special entrance gate to the track (1) directly
  • Luggage transportation service from the buses to the sleeping train (this service is at the passenger only responsibility)
  •  24-hour food and beverage service
  •  Completely renewed toilets just for the use of the passengers using the lounge
  • Open air lounge
  • Possibility of preparing high quality dinner / lunch boxes at a competitive price for tourism companies.
  • The lounge is provided with a fully equipped kitchen and 24 /7 staff
  • Special meeting points for the groups and special areas for the tourist busses to facilitate the entrance directly in to the lounge

The passengers must be at the station at least one hour before the travelling time. After the security control, the luggage will be directed to the sleeping train. The tourism police will be at the entrance during the check in and out procedures.

Passengers can still board the Sleeping Train from the Giza Trains Station Knowing that there is not lounge provided over there.

At the Luxor Train Station, the “Karnak Lounge” is also under renovation as also two more lounges at Alexandria and Aswan Train Station.